Frequently Asked Questions

Will Hone work with my iPhone 4?

No. Only the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad mini are supported. This is because older iOS devices lack Bluetooth 4.0 chipsets with Bluetooth low energy support. We expect all future iPhones and iPads to be compatible with Hone.


Will Hone work with Android?

Hone is not yet compatible with Android phones. Google does not yet support Bluetooth low energy in the core Android OS, which makes building a good app difficult. However, things are changing rapidly, and we hope to offer Android support soon.


I'm in Australia - why can't I buy a Hone?

Currently our wireless certification only covers the United States, Canada, and European Union countries. This means we can't ship to Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, or the UAE. We are working on adding more territories. If you would like to be kept updated, sign up for our newsletter!


I want my phone to beep when my keys are out of range. Does Hone have leashing?

Hone does not currently have a leash feature. This is because implementing a robust leash requires your app to remain in your phone's RAM - however, in iOS 6, an app can be completely evicted from memory at any time at the whim of the system. If that happened while your leash was running, it could cause a false positive where the Hone would activate and start beeping, or turn the leash off so that it wouldn't work when you actually were seperated from your keys. This level of failure is unacceptable to us. However, the situation may change in a future iOS update.


Can you use more than one Hone at a time?

Yes. If you pair a second Hone to the app, the main screen is replaced by a list view that shows multiple Hones, each with their own proximity display. Louis has eight Hones paired!


Can the same Hone be paired to two different phones, so my partner and I can both find the same set of keys?

Yes. Instructions for how accomplish this are in the in-app manual and here under the heading "Pairing Your Hone To Another Mobile Device." 


Okay, so, Hone's great if I lose my keys. But what if I lose my phone?!

Call it. Or use Apple's Find My iPhone!